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May 20, 2015
The Housing Act 2004, including the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)
December 19, 2017
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What Grenfell Has Taught Us


Over the years of working in the property maintenance industry, I have learnt that most ‘call outs’ involve straight forward scenarios which, with the right skill and attention to detail can be resolved swiftly and in a very cost effective manner.


I am a great believer in that prevention is better than reaction. On occasion accidents do take place and 2017 has taught us that failing to pay proper attention to detail can lead to far more than a call out to the fire service, it can lead to some of the largest tragedies that our nation has ever seen.


Fire safety is one of the areas which we have always taken seriously at Nirvana. The risks involved with not taking the time to address proper preventative measures can be catastrophic. Today, it has been reported in the BBC news that the death toll for the Grenfell Tower disaster is believed to be 71 persons.


That’s 71 families whose lives have been changed forever, not to mention a community and City which has been torn apart with grief. In the weeks following the disaster of Grenfell Tower, the Nirvana Group saw a 400% increase in enquiries relating to fire safety. Whilst this was a significant response to what took place in London on 14 June 2017, our teams responded to the requests for service swiftly.


Reassurance at this time has never been in greater demand, both on the part of property managers and on the part of residents. My hope over the next 12 months and following years is that we do not see a repeat of what was one of the worst, preventable disasters of the 21st Century in Europe.


My personal hope and commitment is that this coming year, in 2018, we can do as much as we possibly can at Nirvana to play a small part in saving lives and bringing much needed reassurance to our customers and their tenants.


So What Does This Mean?


Events which place public safety at risk create distrust between yourself and potential clients. They will avoid engagement and you’ll miss out on building those crucial relationships. This feeling of disconnection between tenants, landlords and contractors generates unease across the board.


The events of Grenfell have rightfully placed fire safety into the mainstream media. Precautions are now in the forefront of landlord and contractors minds in order to prevent future disasters and clear the sectors reputation. It’s a true shame that it takes a disaster like the one that occurred, for these safety precautions to be taken seriously.


However, this now provides an opportunity for my business to follow up on our promise of making people feel safe in their own homes. Now that these events have occurred, there is a call to action to make sure they never happen again.   


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