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Nirvana delivers exceptional levels of services exclusively to the residential block and estate sector, advising, consulting and implementing processes to ensure the safety of their residents.


Family Values

We are a family values led business and we passionately care for the safety and wellbeing of the residents living in the developments we maintain. These family values transcend conventional services provided by contractors operating in the industry.

We are a socially aware business and fully understand the impact our services have on the safety and wellbeing of residents and society as a whole.

Devoted to delivering quality management and service

We are Nirvana, a diverse network of people, dedicated to maintaining your property.

A highly trained & 
dedicated workforce

Health and safety is at the forefront of each of our actions

Our reliable and experienced team is one of the main reasons that Nirvana Maintenance has built such a distinguished and
remarkable reputation.

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At Nirvana Maintenance, health and safety is at the forefront of each of our actions, which is why we have a highly trained and dedicated workforce. Our reliable and experienced team is one of the main reasons that Nirvana Maintenance has built such a distinguished and remarkable reputation.

We aim to build lasting relationships with every client by constantly adapting our services and exceeding expectations.


Property Locations

We help maintain properties across many regions in the UK.


% Contract Retention

We help our clients get the most from our services with a fantastic retention rate.


Contracted Sites

We have a growing list of properties under contract ensuring quality assurance and safety.


Types of services

Nirvana Maintenance offers an extensive range of services

An extensive range
of services

Nirvana offers a reactive and preventative maintenance service to property managers. We have extensive knowledge of managing different types of residential properties and offer innovative and sustainable maintenance solutions.

As a provider of a range of life safety and compliance services including fire defence, electrical, mechanical and general maintenance, Nirvana was created to give property managers one supplier to entrust with their residents’ safety. Why? Because multiple suppliers mean overlaps or gaps in work, and with lives at risk, a reliable and thorough service must be provided always.

Committed to you

Nirvana Maintenance’s commitment and attention to detail to each and every site ensures that our maintenance contracts are individually tailored to be the most cost efficient and conveniently scheduled to assure minimal disruption.

We have you at heart

At Nirvana Maintenance our specialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality service by catering for the unique needs of each individual community.


Fire Defence 

We maintain and install systems to protect your residents and their homes from potential disaster



Our highly skilled engineers are familiar with every electrical system



We can help you manage and proactively maintain all types of mechanical systems in blocks and estates


General Maintenance

Our multi-skilled engineers can take care of any unexpected situation

Our Accreditations

Ever improving, we are always investing in our team and how we do things

Our Recent Testimonials 

As a family run business, Nirvana Maintenance takes the safety and security of every property we support personally. Considering each property as a home, we set the bar for maintenance companies by focussing on more than simply fulfilling a job. We teach, train and improve those involved with the properties that we work with. We have set ourselves the goal of raising industry standards while changing the perception of the sector and are making huge inroads already.

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Nirvana Maintenance provides
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and commercial clients

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